Each academic year starts from june ends in may next year.

80% of attendance is compulsary to appear in the final examination and long leaves are only permitted if prior permission is taken from principal in written only

Fees once paid are neither refundable nor adjustable in any circumstance.

The students should come in proper uniform to the institute.

The student should have his/her valid identity card with him/her during the classes and should be produced to the concerned staff on demand.

Any damages done in laboratories / department or to the institute property by students he/she will be liable for the charges borne on its replacement / repair of the same and has to be paid immediately by the student

The student should not use / carry mobile phone in the institute premises under any circumstance. Incase if he/she found using the same, the phone will be deposited to the office.

For any charges / fees deposited in the office, the receipt should be obtained for the same and kept safely.

Admission fee Rs. 5000 should be paid at the time of admission confirmation according to the list declared.

All original documents should be submitted at the time of admission.